“Miracles happen”: 8 weeks after nearly drowning on the Mississippi, 5-year-old Vincent Koenig discharged from hospital

RED WING, Minn. – Exactly eight weeks since the day he nearly drowned in the Mississippi River, 5-year-old Vincent Koenig is back home.

His mom, Rachel Koenig, calls it a miracle. So do the medical professionals who have helped him regain the ability to walk, talk and eat on his own since he was admitted June 3.

Koenig was fishing along the Mississippi with his dad and siblings when a barge came around the bend of the river and collided with their boat.

It’s estimated Koenig spent anywhere from 10 to 12 minutes underwater before bystanders spotted his bright orange shoes and pulled him to a nearby dock.

Strangers began performing CPR while first-responders made their way to the area.

“When we all went to bed that night, we all had no idea if he was going to make it. We didn’t think he would,” said LeAnn Lohmann, who was on scene that day.

“Vincent after the accident was intubated for five days,” Rachel Koenig said. “Once he started to wake up, we discovered he did have a brain injury from the loss of oxygen.”

Rachel and Jeremy Koenig documented their son’s journey through a Caring Bridge page, detailing days filled with uncertainty and prayer.

Jeremy Koenig says doctors told him a full recovery could take a year and-a-half. Instead, Vincent plans to return to school in the fall for kindergarten.

“We get challenged every day. This was a big challenge for us,” Jeremy Koenig said. “But you grow from those challenges and realize how strong you are because of those challenges.”

“His progress is nothing short of a miracle,” Rachel Koenig said. “From being able to learn to walk again, to feed himself again, to talk again, it’s been really inspiring to watch and it’s a miracle in itself.”

Rachel and Jeremy Koenig say they hope Vincent’s recovery is proof for others that God is good, and that prayer can be powerful.

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